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DOWNIE, STEVE, R, Philadelphia

DOWNIE's With You Statistics

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DOWNIE's Against You Statistics

DOWNIE's Against You Statistics


Corsi = Individual Shots directed at the net including shots that missed the net and shots that were blocked.
Goals = Individual Goals scored by player
Assists = Individual Assists by player
Points = Individual Points by player
Shots = Individual Shots by player
Corsi = Individual Corsi by player (shots + shots that missed net + shots that were blocked)
TOI = Time on ice
GF20 = Goals scored by team per 20 minutes of ice time
GA20 = Goals scored against per 20 minutes of ice time
GF% = Goals For percentage = Goals scored by team / (Goals scored by team + goals scored against)
CF20 = Corsi by team per 20 minutes of ice time
CA20 = Corsi against per 20 minutes of ice time
CF% = Corsi for percentage = Corsi for / (Corsi for + Corsi against)

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